Council Commissions and Committees



Committees of the Council are grouped by the related nature of their purposes and functions.  A commission is composed of the chairpersons of all committees within such a group.

Subject to the approval of the Council, the president shall appoint the chairpersons and members of all of its committees and the chairpersons of the commissions.

Any member of the Medical Society of the State of New York is eligible for membership on committees and commissions of the Council.

All chairpersons of such commissions and committees shall have the right to present their reports in person to the Council and to engage in the discussion of such reports.  Members of such commissions and committees shall have the privilege of presenting minority reports, and both the majority and minority reports shall be published.

Any ex-officio member of a committee who enjoys that status by being a duly elected officer of the Medical Society of the State of New York shall have all the rights, responsibilities, and duties of any other member of the committee.


The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the president from a list of not less than three nor more than five names submitted by the respective district branches, in conformity with Article V, Section 2, paragraph 3.  It shall consist of 11 members, 1 from each district branch and 2 members at large.

In the event that a member of the Nominating Committee who has been selected as the representative of a particular district branch (or an alternate) shall be unable to attend the meeting of this committee, the president shall appoint an at large member from the district branch whose representative is absent, to represent the interests of that district on the Nominating Committee.  It shall be the duty of this committee to propose and nominate members of the Medical Society of the State of New York for all vacancies to be filled at the ensuing annual meeting of the House of Delegates.  These recommendations shall be made to the House of Delegates in the same manner as prescribed in Article X, Section 1, paragraph 2.